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Antalya Stadium, which is built on 96 acres of land, in the city, which stands out with sports tourism due to the camping of more than a thousand teams during the winter months, provides its energy from the sun.

With the electricity generation plants installed on the roof of the stadium, the city grid is supported.

Yavuz Gürhan: “It supports our national economy”

Antalya Youth and Sports Provincial Director Yavuz Gürhan reminded the AA correspondent that the stadium was opened in 2015.

Pointing out that the stadium was built with a self-sufficient environmental project, Gürhan said:

“During this period, it hosted many national and international encounters. It supports our national economy as it produces its own electricity and supports the city grid. The stadium is exemplified by its environmentalist character while introducing Antalya to the world with its visual beauty. The stadium is one of the vision projects of our ministry. Antalya ‘ With this system, 1 million 766 thousand kilowatt-hours of energy is produced annually. This energy corresponds to the annual electricity production of 600 houses. The system generates 1 million 809 thousand liras annually. ”
Gürhan emphasized that, thanks to projects such as stadiums and sports halls in Antalya, the number of sports clubs coming to the city has increased and the camping periods of these clubs have been prolonged.

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Features of the stadium

Located in the Meltem District of Muratpaşa district, the stadium is compared to the arenas in ancient cities. The stadium was made as a 360 degree full circle.

5 thousand square meters of the 16 thousand square meter roof is made transparent so that the grass can receive sunlight. There are 44 lounges in the stadium. There is a commercial area of ​​8 thousand square meters and a parking lot for 1,200 vehicles.

Antalyaspor has been playing its matches in this stadium since the 2015-2016 season.

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