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There are new developments about the Argentine Enzo Perez, with whom the burgundy-blue team has been dealing with the transfer for about a month. The 34-year-old front-libero stepped in during the difficult transfer negotiations due to the extra demands of the player’s manager and the transfer fee of his club.
Experienced football player Enzo Perez told the press members, “I have a contract with the club River Plate, but I also receive offers. I am evaluating. Soon everything becomes clear “using the expressions, gave the signals of separation.
26 TIMES THE ARGENTINA NATIONAL TEAM SHIRT Wore the burgundy-blue team that offered a 2.5-year contract with an annual option of 1 million 300 thousand euros for 1.79 footballers The effort to transfer under these conditions continues.
The 34-year-old player, who sweated 26 times for the Argentine National Team, has previously wore the jerseys of Godoy Cruz, Valencia, Benfica and Estudiantes. It is stated that Avcı wants very much to buy the monument of experience, which is expected to be a support to the team. There may be hot developments in this regard within a few days.
PEREZ: I GET OFFERS An important statement came from the Argentine player Perez, who was on Trabzon’s transfer list, that Avcı wanted for midfield. Perez, wearing R. Plate, made statements as soon as they beat Palmeiras 2-0 in the Libertadores Cup rematch. To the question about his transfer to Trabzonspor, Perez said, “I don’t know. I still have an ongoing contract with River Plate, and after discussing and analyzing the situation with my manager, I will decide what I will do from tomorrow.”
RIVER PLATE RESTSTEnzo Perez, River Plate He told the authorities that he wanted to leave and would accept Trabzonspor’s offer. It was learned that River Plate took a step back. It was learned that the 34-year-old star had negotiations with Trabzonspor and reached an agreement in principle numerically. In the meantime, it was stated that Sosa spoke highly of Trabzonspor, with whom Perez met.
During his professional football career, Perez had a total of 83 goals, scoring 36 goals and 47 assists in 512 matches. (Fotomaç)

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