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Trabzonspor coach Abdullah Avcı made a statement to the press members before the training of the burgundy-blue team, which continues to prepare for the away match against Demir Group Sivasspor at the weekend. We congratulate both the team and our players. 3 matches and 7 points. Especially in the health organization of the world and the country, there is an average of 3 matches in 8 days and a good atmosphere in general. We have the 2021 European Championship ahead of us. There will be world cup qualifying matches in September. ” The hunter said that he thought it like a charge due to the longness of the league, saying, “We will play 7 matches in April. We gave 4 days off. It was a mental relaxation away from football. The treatment of injured players has intensified, it is going well. Kamil Ahmet Çörekçi” (Abdulkadir) It was good for Ömür, it is going very well. Berat will collect this process and maybe be with us after this week. It is good for them. ” National players are also returning to the team, the team will be completed tomorrow with the arrival of Bakasetas, Avcı said, “The pleasing side is that they are returning from the national team without injuries. It is very important for us. Tomorrow we will be the full team. Today we will do the last work.” The hunter emphasized that the Norwegian player Anders Trondsen, who was injured before the season and stayed away from the fields for a long time, also joined the team, “He participates in some parts of the exercises, warm-up, 5 to 2, pass work. It is going well as of now. Abdülkadir) Ömür goes ahead. We will see if the two of them reach the end of the year and May. I hope it will catch up, and we may have a chance to see it. Noting that both he and the members of the board of directors have been working on the infrastructure, Avcı said: “Especially, how can we make the organization in the place where Özkan (Sümer) is named, how can we make better the location, technology, science, organization there, We talked. We went to the Academy today and last week. We are trying to mobilize it as of next year. This process has passed. It is our desire to keep the habit of winning and the feeling of winning by developing the game in the next 10 weeks.

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