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It was stated that Lille, who had a difficult time economically, would part ways with five names with high market value. It was learned that Yusuf Yazıcı was among the names that the paths would break in Lille, which ran for the championship with Turkish stars. It was learned that Lille, who experienced the economic crisis, made such a decision to get rid of this crisis. The French team, which is stated to need 95 million Euros to get out of the pre-season crisis, aims to get the majority of this money from the sale of five football players. Lille, who takes the lead in Ligue 1, wants to complete 95 million Euros with the revenues of the Champions League. Yusuf Yazıcı, who was caught in the corona virus and was in quarantine, scored 14 goals in 36 official matches this season, 5 also made assists. Yusuf Yazici was transferred from Trabzonspor to Lille in August 2019 for a transfer fee of 17.5 million Euros. Lille RUNS TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP WITH TURKISH STARS Lille played away with the goals of Turkish players Burak Yilmaz and Zeki Celik in the 32nd week of Ligue 1. defeated. Lille leads the league with 69 points, 6 points ahead of Paris Saint-Germain with 1 game more. National football players Burak Yılmaz, Yusuf Yazıcı and Mehmet Zeki Çelik play a major role in both Lille and the national team being at the top. Lille enjoyed 53 goals in Ligue 1 this season, while Burak, Yusuf and Zeki contributed 28 of these goals. 3 players scored 19 goals in the league, while 9 assists, Burak Yilmaz took part in 27 official matches in the French team this season and aired rival nets 12 times. The 35-year-old football player scored 10 of these goals in the league and 2 of them in the UEFA Europa League. Burak also made 4 assists in the league. The experienced footballer performed a hat-trick against the Netherlands in the 2022 World Cup Qualification of the National Football Team, and enjoyed 1 goal in the Latvia match. 14 GOLYusuf Yazıcı from YUSUF YAZICI played in 42 matches in Lille. The 24-year-old footballer performed 14 goals and 5 assists in these matches. The national football player scored 7 goals in the league and 7 goals in the UEFA Europa League. The star football player has 4 assists in the league and 1 in the Europa League. Mehmet Zeki Çelik, one of the important names of Lille defense, took part in 32 matches. The 24-year-old right-back managed to air the opponent’s nets 3 times in these matches and made 1 assist. Çelik scored 2 of 3 goals in the league and 1 in the UEFA Europa League.

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